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Right-Wing Absurdity

March 2024

‘Ultra MAGA’: Donors to new Trump fundraising outfit can obtain special status with maximum contribution

“Absolute bloodbath”: Republicans nervous as Trumpers purge RNC staff following MAGA takeover

"He'll never leave": Why Trump's dynasty, built on corruption and violence, won't end with him

“Make the RNC white again”: Minority outreach cut, Trump election lawyer installed in MAGA takeover

"Online Trump worship has offline consequences": MAGA makes plans for "apocalyptic battle"

Adult Film Star Stormy Daniels Likens Donald Trump’s MAGA Fans To ‘Suicide Bombers’ On ‘The View’

California’s ‘Surf City USA’ voters side with conservative MAGA measures

Cartoonist’s take: ‘Trump MAGA and RNC’

Donald Trump Issues MAGA Rallying Call Over Migrant Crisis

Donald Trump Jr. says 'MAGA movement is the new Republican Party'

Donald Trump Makes Desperate Plea To MAGA Fans To Assist With $464M Fraud Bond As Deadline Approaches

Donald Trump’s Mob-Like Takeover of the RNC

Editorial: Huntington Beach's MAGA message to the world

Elon Musk suggests shift toward Trump in Don Lemon interview

FBI Arresting Reporter Sparks MAGA Outrage

From the White House to the statehouse, Democrats’ anti-MAGA message snaps into focus

How Trump and MAGA became the Republican establishment

How Trump Is Mapping Out a More MAGA Senate

Inside the RNC’s MAGA makeover: MSNBC hosts reveal why shakeup might be a warning of things to come

It’s not what Trump says; it’s what MAGA supporters hear

Jimmy Kimmel Stumps MAGA Fanatics With U.S. Citizenship Test

John Eastman's Potential Disbarment Sparks MAGA Fury

Kari Lake is doubling down on MAGA-fueled conspiracy theories

Lara Trump Promises to Use RNC to Complete MAGA Takeover of Party

MAGA Camp Spreads Fake AI Images of Trump Hugging Black People

MAGA Is Now Losing Its Mind Over a Doritos Boycott, Because of Course

MAGA members are not unintelligent and uncouth

MAGA Senator Takes Aim at Mitch McConnell's Legacy

MAGA’s Ugly, Hateful Response to Bridge Horror Is About to Get Worse

Marjorie Taylor Greene Dons MAGA Hat, Accosts Biden At State Of The Union

Marjorie Taylor Greene Threatened With Removal During State of the Union

McConnell deputy John Thune endorsing MAGA darling Kari Lake

Mike Pence's Refusal to Endorse Trump Ignites MAGA Rage

Moms for Liberty Is Slowly Imploding, and That’s Bad for MAGA in 2024

My challenge as a Christian psychologist: Help evangelicals see Trump for who he really is

Project 2025 is the MAGA manifesto that’s plotting a nightmare scenario for marginalized communities in America

Rep. Matt Rosendale's Meteoric Fall From MAGA Grace

Ronna McDaniel and Candace Owens show how MAGA broke the media

Sanders busts MAGA as right-wing pundit calls Social Security a 'Ponzi scheme' & retirement 'stupid'

Super Trump and his mighty MAGA machine

The California Apartment Association is MAGA

The GOP can't leave MAGA — "Americans must electorally mercy-kill the Republican Party"

The MAGA Aesthetic Is Beginning to Rot

Trump begs MAGA supporters for help as $464M fraud bond deadline approaches

Trump blows the MAGA whistle — and his signal is heard loud and clear

Trump endorsed Boebert in a heavily MAGA district. It still might not be enough

Trump fundraising committee to use donations for legal bills

Trump memecoin nears $500 million market cap as MAGA frenzy collides with latest crypto boom

Trump merges MAGA and Wall Street with his ‘supercharged meme stock’

Trump Will Be World's 7th Richest Person, Says Peter Schiff, If MAGA Investors Push Newly-Listed DJT Stock To $2K

Trump’s MAGA Supreme Court Is on the Ballot