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Right-Wing Absurdity

January 2024


Trump tells Haley donors they ‘will not be welcome in MAGA camp’

After MAGA, a new Trump rises

Trump cancels Iowa events to protect ‘Maga patriots’ ahead of frigid caucuses

Trump needs more than his core MAGA base to win in November: Liz Peek

Green Day's MAGA Message Sparks Fury From Donald Trump Supporters

Trump's Massive Monetary Verdict in Carroll Trial Sets MAGA on Fire

The MAGA America: Cowards and liars

Trump rolls out the ‘MAGA superstar shuttle’ of surrogates in the final hours before Iowa Caucus

Americans for Prosperity is sending a message to MAGA with their flaccid Haley advertising

Mitch McConnell: ‘The politics have changed’ - MAGA Republicans in the Senate threaten border deal

Donald Trump Tells MAGA Crowd to Stop 'Bags of Crap' at Voting Booths

“Democrat shenanigans”: Experts alarmed as MAGA fans cry “fraud” in Iowa — despite Trump’s huge win

It pays to be MAGA: Kari Lake raked in $175,000 from speeches and book royalties in the year since losing the Arizona governor's race

MAGA Republicans need to align with fed up Biden voters to win

Opinion: ‘Vivek is not MAGA.’ Trump’s bitter breakup with Ramaswamy

Donald Trump’s Ethereum Wallet Holds $1.1M in MAGA Meme Coin

Nikki Haley pandered to MAGA's bigotries for years — now Trump's turned that firehose of hate on her

Trump needs more than his core MAGA base to win in November: Liz Peek

Losing again: MAGA frets about Trump's ‘weakness’

Marjorie Taylor Greene leads Maga fury over crucial spending bill 

Biden campaign says Trump 'consolidated extreme MAGA base'

JPMorgan Chase CEO warns Democrats over fiery MAGA criticism

MAGA devotee MTG clowns Lauren Boebert for bombing in the polls & we're CACKLING over the drama

Ronna McDaniel Facing New Pressure From MAGA

Fifth Circuit Debates Race Claims in ‘MAGA’ Hat Bullying Case

Is Santos hoping for MAGA magic help?

MAGA's sexy beer calendar scandal cracks up the Christian right

MAGA Fumes at Sentence for Man Who Leaked Trump's Tax Return

Feds asked banks to search private transactions for terms like ‘MAGA,’ ‘Trump’

Watching sane people surrender to the Trump MAGA cult is disgusting

The real MAGA campaign begins

Spot the Nikki Haley Insurgents in a Sea of Red MAGA Hats

Governor Jeff Landry endorses Trump, touts Louisiana as MAGA state

MAGA Republican Joe Kent Got Donations From Alleged Jan. 6 Rioter

Opinion | Is the Heart and Soul of Trump’s MAGA Base Really the White Working Class?

MAGA’s Ugly New “Civil War” Fantasy Should Be Taken Seriously

Taylor Swift MAGA conspiracy theories: Right-wing media targets star

Republicans move forward with Mayorkas impeachment amid emotional testimony; Dems decry ‘MAGA spectacle’

Taylor Swift Drives MAGA Media Nuts as Conspiracy Theories Fly

Green Day Bassist Drops Blunt Reaction To MAGA Lyric Backlash

Opinion | Trumpism Is Devouring the Evangelical Movement

New Hampshire exit poll: Majority of GOP primary voters aren’t MAGA, but most would be satisfied with Trump nomination

'Are you all okay?': MAGA meltdown over Taylor Swift says a lot about GOP

Republicans melting down over Taylor Swift, Chiefs in Super Bowl 2024

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce and a MAGA Meltdown

In Iowa, Trump Relies on MAGA Surrogates

Jimmy Kimmel Breaks Down MAGA’s Super Bowl Conspiracy Theories

“Democrat shenanigans”: Experts alarmed as MAGA fans cry “fraud” in Iowa — despite Trump’s huge win

'He is not MAGA': Donald Trump attacks Vivek Ramaswamy ahead of Iowa caucus

This AI Thinks Commanders Fans Look Like MAGA Goofballs

Lawler Claims to be a Moderate, but Often Puts MAGA Agenda First

MAGA is a mass delusion

Trump rally flexes Maga muscle for the New Hampshire faithful

Stephen Colbert Trolls 'MAGA Citizens' After World's Saddest Border Stunt

MAGA meets MAGA: The best quotes from Trump-Ramaswamy's New Hampshire outing

'Wildest Dreams': MAGA Movement Melts Down Over Taylor Swift and Joe Biden

MAGA Republicans much more likely to endorse "delusional" and pro-violence statements, study finds

MAGA Moolah: How Vivek Ramaswamy got richer during his US presidential campaign

How This MAGA Extremist Joe Kent Hides His Campaign Spending

Donald Trump's Donor Threat Backfires