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Right-Wing Absurdity

December 2023


Trump's "trickle-down racism": New research spotlights the old-fashioned hate propelling MAGA

A MAGA Judiciary

A look inside the MAGA mind

Donald Trump Jr. is banking on PublicSquare, a MAGA alternative to Amazon

MAGA merch at Trump Tower is Made in China (video)

MAGA hypocrisy; A dangerous precedent

Jimmy Kimmel Roasts Donald Trump With MAGA Christmas Album

MAGA: Is the ETF for Donald Trump fans a good buy?

Yahoo is part of the Yahoo family of brands

MAGA 'Prophet' Predicts 'Overthrow' of US Government

Trump’s Mar-a-Lago New Year’s Eve party features ’90s rapper Vanilla Ice

Congress can’t go on without Lauren Boebert; ask her

New Year, Same MAGA GOP: Republicans’ New Year’s Resolution Is To Push the Same Losing Agenda in 2024

Democrats say Republican running for Santos seat was ‘handpicked’ by ‘MAGA extremists’

Donald Trump's Plot to Turn His Jan. 6 Trial Into a ‘MAGA Freak Show’

Elon Musk Beefs With Green Day After It Slams MAGA

MAGA 'Prophet' Predicts 'Overthrow' of US Government

MAGA meltdown as Trump sics Truth Social fans on Maine secretary of state who booted him off ballot

Trump Demands MAGA Group Give Him ‘Millions.’ It’s Against the Law

What Would Jesus Do? Not What the MAGA Right Is Doing.

We're Winning, but the Maga Republicans Are Ready To Snatch it Away

Trump allies move to kill off the Nikki Haley-for-VP chatter

MAGA Republicans Approve Surveillance Program That Spied on Donald Trump

JD Crowe: Putin thanks MAGA Republicans for supporting his war on Ukraine

Lara Trump's MAGA Hat Sparks Fury

REMINDER: Donald Trump and MAGA Republicans Want to Strip Away Access to Medication Abortion

Greene says ‘MAGA would revolt’ if Trump let Haley join his team

MAGA Predicts Kid Rock vs Taylor Swift Concert 2024 Showdown

MAGA gets the economics of immigration all wrong

Trump's Dictator Comments Cheered by MAGA Extremists

MAGA Anthems Dominate Google Search Trends

Trump defends dictator comments amid NYC soiree filled with MAGA diehards

ICYMI: ACA Grows in Popularity as Trump and MAGA Republicans Threaten to Repeal It

Congressional Corral: AZ Republicans Embraced MAGA Extremism this Week

Taylor Swift is Time's Person of the Year. Why is MAGA mad about it?